3 Things You Can Do to Retain the Value of Your Car

Why buy a car if you can’t resell it later for a decent price? Sure, you’ll get to have some exciting road trips for a couple of years or so, but why make this brief time you’ll spend together the only valuable opportunity of being a proud car owner? Why not boost your dream car’s value, or at least retain it?

Preserving your car’s value is actually not that hard.

The only thing you need to do is follow these tips.

Choose Where to Park

Parking your car under trees or near other vehicles increases the risk from scratches and door dings, so whenever you can, find a less crowdy parking lot where you can park far away from other vehicles. Though tiny and unnoticeable at first, this kind of blemishes can pile up and amount to real damage.

Of course, the best possible alternative is to park only in front of your home.

In case you don’t have proper coverage installed in your backyard, follow the same rules as when you’re parking elsewhere. Do consider building a metal lean-to carport, though – these durable constructions are actually the only certain protection against harmful weather conditions and debris.

Protect Delicate Areas


The front end of your car, as well as the top of the rear bumper, the area ahead of the rear wheel, and the door sill, are usually the first ones to be worn off and scratched. To prevent this from happening, apply a clear plastic guard and some black vinyl wrap or carbon fiber tape to these areas.

Wax Twice a Year


The rule of thumb is to wax your brand new car at least twice a year, as this preservation method helps eliminate the blemishes long before they become noticeable. Waxing is also a very effective technique against fading, helping you maintain the attractive brand-new-car luster for years to come.


And need we talk about washing?


When the weather is warm and the sun high up the sky, you should wash your car twice a month. In both summer and winter, steer clear from car washes that use twirling scrubbers and tumbling – they are pretty bad for the finish. It’s always better to do it yourself using a special car soap or a self-spray.

Other than this, your car will remain blemish-free and shiny if you oil-spray the undercarriage and fix scratches as soon as they appear. It goes without saying that regular checkups and maintenance are of crucial importance for maintaining the value of your car, so never skip one and keep every receipt!

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