4 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Burglary

No matter how petty, burglary is a crime that you need to be wary of. According to The International Crime Victimisation Survey, Australia has the fifth highest rate of burglary in a group of 30 countries. This startling figure just shows how essential it is to keep your business secure from any robbers, thieves and other types of criminals. Here are the four facts about a burglary that you should know.

Most Burglars Don’t Target Properties with Alarms

Based on a report by the University of Carolina, about 50% of burglars said that houses without security alarms are most likely to be robbed. They break in offices without CCTV systems as well.

To prevent being a target, better have Brisbane alarm installation in your business premises. Just make sure the system is visible from every approach for the thieves to see.

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Burglars Rob Properties that Are Located Near Public Transport

Is your business situated near public transport? Many businessmen want their companies to be located near linkways to give convenience to their customers. They also want their offices to be in this area for the comfort of their employees.

However, whilst having a company that is near the cabs and other transportation links has many benefits, it also has a huge downside. According to the reports of Australian Industry Capability, burglars like to target properties that are near the transport links. The thieves can easily get away as they can easily hail a cab.

Most Burglaries Take Place at Daytime

No, burglaries don’t just take place at night. In fact, most thieves robbed a home and business in broad daylight. Furthermore, according to a crime survey conducted by the US Department of Justice, there are many thieves who rob a property even between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

If you own a retail store or a restaurant, you know that many people eat during this time. To protect your customers, you need to add additional measures. This is to make sure that your area won’t be robbed day and night.

Burglaries Are Done Fast

Burglars don’t want to be noticed by anyone, so they act quickly. For this, they target a business that can be easily broken in. To address this, you may need alarms with motion detectors that can detect any suspicious activities and will sound off when there is robbery. Even the quickest burglar can’t beat the efficiency of the system.

Burglary needs to be addressed due to the dangers it poses to your business. Aside from being robbed of a considerable amount of cash, devices or equipment, being a victim of this crime can also tarnish your reputation. What’s more, it’s hard to put a price tag on the anxiety and discomfort whilst in your own company.

To avoid becoming a victim, you need to fortify our office or business establishment with safety measures. You can do this by installing Sunshine Coast security cameras.

All in all, keeping your company safe from burglars not only boosts your company reputation, it can also motivate customers to transact more business with you.

Every enterprise is vulnerable to security threats such as burglary. Hence, make company security one of your priorities.

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Author: Carrie Sze

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