5 Gorgeous Interior Design Trends for 2019

Can you smell the change in the air? That’s 2018 finally leaving for good and making room for exciting new aromas. In interior design, the defining bouquet of this year will certainly be more complex – floral tones will bring us a different kind of aesthetics, those that will fill out the room with nature.

These are the five most gorgeous, most breathtaking design trends for 2019.

  1. Environmentally-Conscious Design

If recent technological progress has taught us anything, it’s that soulfulness will never ever go out of fashion. The future is apparently here, but we’re not interested in futuristic designs. Instead of smart homes, artists are designing serene spaces that enable us to reconnect with our true human nature.

The environmentally-conscious design is a big part of this new trend.

Directed by sustainability, this trend urges us to let go of our expensive habits and embrace all that’s organic. It also teaches us, somewhat paradoxically, that no trend could ever diminish the value of timeless materials and purposeful design. As simple as that, it allows us to make our lives clutter-free.

  1. Maximalist Patterns and Textures


Don’t confuse organic design with minimalism, though.

Both concepts convey the same message – that less is always more. The difference between them is that minimalism offers a blank canvas that is no longer considered inspiring. Instead of empty walls, 2019 will bring us patterns and textures that are almost maximalist in nature, though still sustainable.

  1. Boho, Acrylic, and Metal Details


Think boho, acrylic, and metal.

This year, you’ll finally have an opportunity to combine softer lines of curved furnishing with vintage accents that sparkle with gold and brass. You’ll be able to accept that invitation for best deals on living room furniture, choose something affordable and cozy, and still decorate it with shiny details.

  1. Bronze, Blush, and a Hint of Pink


In colors, we’ll see more feminine hues such as soft pink, powder, and blush. They will gleam with bronze too, discovering a perfect balance between the interior design extremes that used to dominate the scene over the last couple of years. Say goodbye to both drama and negative space.

  1. The Memphis Design Movement


The right movement to encompass all this is Memphis design.


Tub chairs instead of rigid furniture and graphic shapes as opposed to primary colors will allow us to add as much breathable greenery into our living rooms as we possibly can. The Memphis design is midcentury modern and therefore ideal for exploring our creative quirks. If you must, tone it down.

When it comes to interior design, we certainly have a lot to be excited about.

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