5 Ways To Organize Your Garden Shed For Good

Just like the inside of your house, having an organized garden shed is paramount to achieving success in all areas of your life. Having your tools up and out of the way in a designated spot makes saving time and space for more activities and storage easier.

Steps To A Clean Outdoor Shed

  1. Empty The Shed

The first most crucial step is to empty your shed. Get rid of the broken and rusty old tools you know you’ll never use again and check for water damage. Patch up any leaks and holes, so pests are less likely to get inside and make a mess.

  1. Hang Up Tools On Wall Or Pegboard

Once you’ve established which tools are worth keeping and what needs to go away, pick a wall in which all your devices can hang up off the floor by using wall mountable cinch straps. Depending on how large or wide your tools and handle are you can choose to screw into a wall or shelf with various sizes of cinch straps.  

For small hand tools, you can use a pegboard and mini cable ties that can easily loop through the holes in the wall organizer. Trowels, pruning shears, screwdrivers, and other small hand tools can all be strapped to a pegboard wall organizer so that everything is easy to find and out of the way.

  1. Wrap Up Hoses & PVC Pipes

Instead of letting hoses sit in a pile on the ground, wrap them up and clip them under a utility shelf with a carabiner cable carrier or mount them to the wall with a cinch strap screwed into a wooden cupboard or the wall. Super long PVC tubes can be strung up and bundled with two or three cinch straps at each end and with one in the middle.


  1. Bundle Garden Stakes For Storage

If you can find a roll of hook and loop tape at the hardware store, snag a few rolls to use and bundle up garden supplies, pruned twigs, tomato stakes, or bamboo poles and store in the corner of the room or a barrel.        

  1. Keep Garden Chemicals In The Dark

Don’t store your chemicals in direct sunlight or in reach of small children and animals. On the inside door of a cabinet or high off the ground, stick a strip of adhesive cable catch VELCRO® to wrap around spray bottles for quick access to fertilizers and pesticides.

Use Cable Wraps In Your Tool Shed

The secret to keeping an organized tool shed or workshop can be found in the hook fastener aisle at the hardware store, designated as cable management straps. The best product for keeping any room or utility shed organized is to use cable ties that advertise industrial strength VELCRO®.

Hook fastener or hook-and-loop tape is a generic term for what everybody knows as VELCRO®. Patented in the 1950s by Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral and named after the combination “velvet” and “crochet” the utility and the industrial world was gifted a product to be adopted into society as a quick release fastener.

Find Cable Wraps At Your Local Hardware Store

Waterproof and reusable, the most significant benefit of using cable wraps is you don’t have to fuss with tying and untying knots, cutting zip-ties, or protruding metal hooks. Soft and easy to mount on the wall, grab a few different types of cable catchers and try a few of these DIY garden shed ideas to have a clean, organized space for your landscaping tools.

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