A Detailed Guide to Learn About All the Components of Bedding

When you are in a market to find the best bedding for your house, it is required that you have a good knowledge about different components of a bedding. This article aims at equipping the reader with all the required information about bedding that will help them in making an informed decision.  

The frame

All beds have got some type of a frame built into them. This structure helps in holding the mattress as well as the box spring together. A frame can get connected to a footboard and headboard.

The box spring:

This bedding component is not mandatory to be present in every bed. It is a type of an optional component as there are several types of beds that do not require them.

If the frame of the bed has a metal frame, then box spring will help in increasing the bed’s height. A metal frame offers a robust platform for a mattress to lie on it and prevents any sort of damage to the mattress.

The bed skirt:

It is placed between the mattress and the box spring and covers the frame and the box spring. It is basically used to add decorative touch to the bed and aids the user to pull his bed together.

The mattress:

As the name suggests, mattress is the component on which you sleep. There are several different forms in which the mattress is available in the market. Some of them being memory foam, springs, water, and a few more.


A mattress topper helps to make the mattress a lot more comfortable. It can be made using memory foam, feathers or egg-carton foam. It is a thin section that is considered as an extra mattress. Topper is created out of a deluxe material.

Mattress pad:

This term is again self-explanatory. This bedding component is put above the mattress so as to cover it. Mattress pad helps in safeguarding the mattress against stains.


Sheets come in various different types of fabrics such as cotton, polyblends, flannel, satin, silk and linen. It is recommended to select natural fibers such as 100% cotton, silk and or linen over synthetically prepared materials.


Blankets are used on sheet to provide extra warmth during the cold season. Nowadays people are preferring duvets and heavier comforters over blankets.


A duvet is a fiber filled blanket that is of plain white color. It is made using a less pricey material as it goes below a duvet cover.

Duvet cover:

A duvet cover is a 2-sheet material that are joined together on 3 sides and kept open on the bottom. It protects duvet from any stains.


A comforter is same as a duvet with its cover. The only difference is that the warmer section is attached into the decorative section. Comforters are made to be highly elaborate. As they can’t be easily washed, it requires user to make use of a sheet along with them.


A quilt is a dense fabric that is placed above the blankets and sheets to make it a lot decorative.

Quilt covers

A wide range of quilt covers available on the market that helps in protecting the quilt from any wear and tear.


Pillow is the bedding component on which the sleeper rests his head at the time of sleeping. It comes in different types such as fiberfill, memory foam, and down. Select the type that not just provide you comfort but also safeguards it from sweat, face grease, hair oil, and drool.


Learning about your preference and getting adequate knowledge of different bedding components will help you make the right decision.

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