Bathroom Improvement Ideas When You Have Elders Around You

Living with an elder at your home can be challenging, especially if they are unable to do stuff on their own. One way or another, your home should be an elder-friendly house so it can provide convenience to you and the seniors around you. Many people think that improving a home will be costly. It can be true if you are going to renovate or upgrade the whole house. If you want to cut off the budget, make your priorities first. The bathroom is one of the most useful areas in your home, especially for elders. It is also a common area where seniors are usually getting fractured or injured due to slippery floors and other hazardous stuff in the bathroom. During the daily bathroom routine such as taking a bath, a shower, peeing, or doing the number two, elders are having some hard times dealing with these routines. So to ease their daily living, let’s talk about some bathroom improvements you can do with a limited budget.

Bidet Toilet Seat

Japan has a beautiful invention of bidet toilet seat where it has become beneficial to the users. Hygienic purpose, the bidet toilet seat helps maintain cleanliness after going to the toilet. It also promotes an environmental solution to lessen water waste and tissue paper usage. Bidet toilet seats have been introduced all around the world, and many countries are fond of its use both in residential and commercial use. It will also aid seniors in getting themselves washed after their toilet routine, plus improve their bathroom hygiene.

Grab Bars

As you have seen in many commercial and public bathroom, grab bars are very common with cubicles for seniors, pregnant women, and a person with a disability. It is because it is helpful in many ways to ease their usage of the bathroom and avoid accidents to happen. These grab bars are ideal for elders who are having a hard time standing and sitting in a toilet seat. Without these grab bars, they will have a hard time and will always need someone to assist them. You can also find these grab bars in Houston home health agencies bathroom and all over the place. The elders who are in such agencies have an easier time to get around the facility without closer supervision. You can check their other amenities at this location, and if you need elder assistant care, you can always drop by for either short term assistance or long term.

Anti-slip Mats or Flooring

As mentioned earlier, one of the major causes of injuries in the bathroom is due to slippery floors. Fortunately, anti-slippery mats are widely available and are affordable. Just make sure to buy the right one that is proven to be anti-slip.

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Bathroom Door Widening

Elders need wider bathroom doors so they will not bump their bodies into. Also, if they need someone to get them accompanied, they need more full doors. If the elder is on a wheelchair, you need to make sure the doors are wider than the usual. You can have it renovated or create a new one for your elder.

Having them around can be tough sometimes. But, caring for the elders is a way of saying thank you for what they have done for you. Although, you can always have them in-home care for long term or short term depending on your situation.

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