Common Reasons That Lead to Termites Occurrence in Your Home

Termites are one of the common problems that most of the houseowners face these days. Different types of termites are attracted to a place due to varying reasons. Understanding the causes of their attraction would help you effectively control their infestation in your house.  

Types of termites

There are basically three commonly occurring species of termites that infest in a house. These are dampwood termite, drywood termite, and subterranean termite. Most of the drywood and dampwood termites have a liking for the wood. They eat wood and are often seen living inside it.

On the other hand, subterranean termites are seen to live under the ground. They move inside and outside the wood they consume. Once they consume it fully, they again hide in their underground space.

These types of termites are seen in large groups. Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California. Pest control termites Sacramento identifies all those areas that are infected from termites and perform reliable and effective measures to eliminate them.

Things that attract termites to a place

Though wood is the commonest thing that attracts all species of termites, there are a few other things that attract them based on their individual preferences. Both the drywood and dampwood termite look for dried and moist place to stay.

Subterranean termites also have a tendency to infest in moist soil and in woods that are near to the ground. Leaky pipes, mulch, poor circulation of air, overgrown shrubs, and improper drainage creates moisture related troubles that have the potential to attract termites.

Along with it, subterranean termites are seen to form tubes of mud to enable them to move through the moist soil to wood. Homeowners, who are unaware of this fact brings termites to their home via untreated lumber and firewood.

Besides wood and moisture, other area that makes termite attracted is the crack present in the exterior of the building especially on the door and window. Geographic location also plays an important role for infestation of termites at a particular place. Areas that witness consistent humidity and warm weather are more prone to experiencing termites.

What are the ways to remove termites from your house?

Homeowners should watch for signs around houses that invites termites. Check for high moisture levels, and employ strategies to bring down humidity at a place. In addition to it, they should treat and cover damp woods that are exposed to the soil. This helps in prevention of termites to come in touch with it.

Also evaluate the exteriors of building to find any damaged window screen, imperfect sealing of plumbing lines, and any crack in the fascia boards and shingles. Solving these issues will surely assist in limiting termite access.

If you are not able to perform these DIY tasks, then the best things would be to free yourself from this cumbersome job and hire a pest control firm. Performing regular pest control measures is the best way that keeps you and your family safe from all types of termites.


By understanding all these causes and adopting the best preventive measures, you can easily keep termites away from your home.  

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