Materials to Consider for Your New Garage Door

While choosing a garage door, there is a lot that needs to be put into consideration. It goes all the way from garage door prices to the material used to make the garage door. Getting the right door is essential as it makes a significant contribution to the value of your home.  There are different types of garage doors that are carriage house style, roll up, sliding bar, and a roll-up garage door.

The following are the different garage door materials that you will come across.

  1. Wood and wood composite

These garage doors are most preferred by people who look for more than just functionality. They add to the aesthetics of your home. They are natural and come in beautiful textures and designs. They are easily customizable. Wood composite is a good alternative for garage doors made of wood. However, they are a bit lighter and less costly. They are best used as double doors. If you are willing to spend a handsome amount on your garage door, wood will make a good pick. Remember that you will also need to be extra with its maintenance.

  1.   Aluminium

Aluminium is yet another popular material that is used on garage doors. Just like wood composite, they are best used for double doors as they are lightweight. Are they durable? Provided they are made of good quality aluminium; you should not expect them to have dents. They are also a bit costly.

  1. Steel

Most garage doors that you have come across are made of steel. They are preferred for their low maintenance and their durability. That is, compared to their wooden counterparts. However, you also need to note that they are susceptible to rust, especially if you live in humid conditions. There is always something you can do about it, though. Using fiberglass overlay will help a great deal.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl garage doors are more expensive than those made of steel. But considering all its benefits, it is worth it. Also, note that they are more affordable than options like wood. The good thing about vinyl garage doors is that they are customizable and can easily blend with the aesthetics of your home. The maintenance too, is also easy. They do not rust, and they can maintain their beauty for years. They are also very durable which will save you costs on regular maintenance, repair, and replacement.

If you are looking for a door with insulation property, then do not look any further.

  1. Fiberglass

Why pick fiberglass? For one, if you live in coastal areas, this would be the perfect material as it does not corrode. They are also great for the winter season as their insulation properties are unmatched. The maintenance will also not take a toll on you. If you love the wood appearance but not willing to spend much on it, this would make a great alternative. However, once it is damaged, it will require to be replaced.

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