Product Review – Brno Chair

About the designer

The influence of Mies van der Rohe is as far-spread as anything else in the modern design world. Not only was he pioneer of some excellent modern architecture, but he also delivered some of the best furniture designs of this genre. His emphasis of the concept ‘less is more’ has become a gospel of sorts for even contemporary designers. While his career began in a humble stonemasonry business, it was his apprenticeship with the furniture designer Bruno Paul was what led his interest in the genre.

Mies owned his own office in Berlin and was even the Director of Architecture at the Bauhaus School. His influence in the modern movement is exemplary. Not only did he contribute in the form of popular architecture works, but his Barcelona collection has become an icon of modern furniture – and remains timelessly so, even today. However, it’s actually the Brno chair that we’d be looking at in detail below. It’s just as simple, just as iconic, and just as statement worthy. Let’s have a look:.

About the product

The story behind the Brno chair is an interesting one. It was actually designed for the home of a Czech couple (Fritz and Grete Tugendhat) who wanted Mies and his partner Lilly Reich to design a home that belied the typical predecession of fluff, figurines, and blankets of that era. So, Mies and his partner designed an open plan with lots of natural light and materials, and even delivered customized furniture. The Brno chair was first designed for this home

It’s a cantilivered chair with a steel frame tha provides a comfortable surface to sit on. The design is highly minimal and the seat of this seems to be floating in the air. This chair is actually noted as one of the 80 man-made treasures of the world by Dan Cruickshank – a guru in the architectural genre. Furthermore, its unfettered style and grace are totally unparalleled. This chair is simply a trend setter that one must have in their homes to make a statement.

About the materials

The lean profile, clean design, and minimalist aesthetic of the Brno chair could never have been articulated without the right materials. Its cantilivered frame is made out of steel with a polished chrome or an antique bronze plating. While there is no visible connection between the seat and the frame, the former actually has an inner hardwood frame with a density foam that enhances the comfort of sitting.

Points to ponder before purchase

The only point to ponder before purchasing the Brno chair is whether or not you’re sure about its functionality. This chair can be used in a number of various ways – as a cluster of dining chairs, as an accent chair, as a freestanding piece, or as a part of a larger formation. So, lock down your required function before making the purchase.

Matching interior design styles

The Brno chair is a very versatile piece of furniture, and there are a number of interior design styles that it can look good with. Let’s look at a few of them:

  • Modern: The modern aesthetic is the foundation of the Brno chair’s concept, so it’s no surprise that it would look great in the stark austerity of a modern space.
  • Contemporary: The Brno chair would also seamlessly integrate into the clean yet artfully dissimilar concept of the contemporary style as well.
  • Eclectic: The graceful design and modern constitution of this chair would look stunning in a mismatched eclectic interior design!

So, this is everything that you need to know about the Brno Chair and how you can make the most of it in your spaces.

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