Smartest Details with the Ceiling Fans

The double function of the ceiling fan makes it a decorative, useful and economical lighting. In fact, in addition to lighting a room, it allows you to mix the air inside your home. In summer, it allows you to cool your home and can also strengthen your air conditioning; in winter, it helps to standardize the air thus reducing your consumption. Nevertheless, several criteria are to be taken into account when choosing a ceiling fan.

Choose a ceiling fan: blade characteristics

A ceiling fan is equipped with 2 to 5 blades. But its effectiveness does not depend on their number but on their inclination. The higher is the degree of inclination, the better the fan. The diameter of the blades is also a significant criterion. It will depend on the volume of the room to be ventilated. Count 80 cm for a room of about 10 m2, 100 to 120 cm for an area of ​​10 to 20 m2 and 120 to 130 cm beyond. The speed of rotation is also synonymous with performance: from 1 to 2 speed for low-end models up to 4 speeds for the most efficient. From you will be having the smartest option.

Height, triggering and reversibility of the ceiling lamp

The height of the ceiling light rod should be chosen according to the height of your room for safety reasons. There are also several types of trigger more or less comfortable: switch, manual with a zipper and remote control. The reversible function of the fan makes it possible to change the direction of rotation of the blades: in winter, it can then lower the heat, and in the summer, bring down the fresh air.

Ceiling style

For style, no performance criteria

Colonial, design, antique, there are many models that can then be married with your home decor. While the blades can be wood, PVC or metal, the lighting of the fan can be provided with spots or globes. It will therefore be necessary to adapt the type of lighting chosen to the room provided.

In a home or office, the ceiling fan is a very useful electric appliance. Its primary purpose is to brew the air of the room to cool it in summer. But it also plays a key role in winter. Indeed, it makes it possible to optimize the heat distribution of the heating during cold seasons.

In addition, this ceiling fan has the advantage of accumulating other significant functions. Depending on the model, it can be a source of lighting and a decorative element visible at first glance. And for good reason! As a general rule, it is fixed in the center of the ceiling, often in a bedroom, a living room or a veranda.

What Is The Sound Level Of A Fan Running?

The current ceiling fans are very quiet, or completely silent . The sound level depends directly on the speed of rotation. At low and medium speed it is almost imperceptible. At high speed the only noticeable noise is the bass of the air. It is therefore quite possible to spend a good night’s sleep under a ceiling fan.

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