Things to keep in mind while choosing a Quality Mover

Moving from one city to another opens a new chapter in our life. This can be a new start that can bring a lot of excitement and possibilities. To move from one city to another, you need to have proper planning and preparation beforehand. Transferring all the belonging may look easy task, but it will demand a lot of your time and efforts besides planning.

You can either choose a do-it-yourself approach or can hire the services of a professional packers and movers company. If you decide to go for hiring a moving company, there are many things you need to keep in mind while choosing the best company that can provide you with packing and moving services. They almost do everything you need to, and you can move to another canton in Switzerland hassle-free. So, all you have to do is picking the right movers service providing company.

Below given are some important things you need to seeing before hiring Packers and Movers Company to move to another canton:


This is obviously the first thing you need to check for. For how many years the company has been in the same industry doing this business? In this way, you can determine how fast and safe they work.

Hidden cost and Documentation

The best way to check what you are paying for is by asking full documentation of which services they will provide and what their costs are. Don’t sign the contract blindly, read it completely. Ask them if you have any doubt and proceed further. Once you read everything, you would know what you are getting into. You can proceed further to check other tips and choose the company that can help you move to another canton.

Don’t pay huge Advance Deposit

Most of the reputed moving companies do not ask for advance cash or deposit before delivery. If you pay in advance, you might lose control over the moving process.

However, if you do pay them, pay it via an online transaction, via credit or debit card to protect yourself from any kind of fraudulent activity.


The movers generally don’t take any responsibility for the damage to your belongings if you pack your belongings by yourself. However, if you ask the movers to pack your stuff, you may have to pay a little more but you will be assured of the safety of your belongings.

If you opt for the packing services, you need to ensure of their experience in handling your stuff, the packing material they choose and also ensure that they seal every box while packing.


A reputed moving company will make an inventory of your stuff, determine the weight and provide you an estimate of the moving. A large part of the price estimation is based on the space your stuff will occupy in the truck and its weight.

Choose wisely

You can ask somebody you know who have moved recently about their experience with movers and packers service.

Therefore, if you choose to keep all the above things in mind, you can safely move to another canton without any kind of problems.

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