How to Identify the Quality of Used Office Furniture Before Buying

It is no news that recycled pieces of furniture are good to be bought and reused, as long as they are in good conditions. In fact, many people have been going for the ongoing sales deal of used office furniture San Antonio TX, with SA’s trusted furniture brands. The concern would then, be, how does one identify quality office furniture from a collection of used furniture? This post sheds light on how you can assess the quality of used office furniture before you decide to make a purchase.

  1. Check the joints and hinges:

To understand quality, don’t just look at the obvious places. Look the underside of your desired furniture, check the joints and hinges if nothing is shooting out. To ascertain the perfection of the product, you might have to gently give it a push to notice if squeals are coming from the furniture. When you hear the soft or loud squeal coming from the joint of a piece of furniture, that means there is a weakness at the joint. So, you can either have the place looked and fixed by a professional or go for another option.

  1. Check out for rust, missing bolt, escaping nails:

Pay attention to places which might seem to have lost bolts, nuts, or braces. Call the attention of the dealer to it. Let them have it fixed, looked at, or you go for another. Avoid accident, carefully look for places that are supposed to have a supporting system.

  1. Sit down and gently rest in/against the furniture:

The best way to know if something is fine or not is by trying it out. Sit down in chairs, rest against tables and apply slight pressure to them to know if they will withstand them. Creaky or funny sounds or unusual slanting of a piece of furniture tells you that the quality is far from home.

  1. Check weight; check for insect attacks:

Sometimes, some pieces of furniture or a part of them look to be incredibly lighter than the normal weight. This unusual lightness might be an insect infestation. So, check out the furniture if there are no tiny, insect-borne holes on the body. A piece of furniture with wooden parts should be checked for holes or to try to shake the furniture for powder droppings from the table. If you notice powder droppings or tiny drilled holes without purpose, that means the wooden part is weak, being feasted on by tick.

  1. Check for finish touches such as coats, polishes, etc.
  • Go with a professional: If you still do not feel sure about the quality of your desired furniture even after you’ve taken the steps mentioned, then you can go to the auction center with a professional, perhaps a carpenter or manufacturer of furniture to help you assess the quality of the furniture if good or not.

Tip: Price these used products by their qualities; slash the prices on the one that you can improve by yourself, the ones that you can’t fix or consider risky, let them be.

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