What to Do About a Burst Pipe

Dealing with a boiler issue can be incredibly stressful. Oftentimes homeowners are not entirely familiar with boiler equipment. Are you able to locate the pressure valve? Do you know what the filling loop looks like? These are basic features of your home water system that may help you avoid calling for assistance. However, remaining calm while water pours out of a pipe and into your home is very difficult. Knowing what to do in the case of this emergency can reduce the magnitude of your issue and save you time and money. Here are the basic steps when dealing with a burst pipe.

Stop the Water Flow

Your primary goal should be to cease the flow of water. This can be done by locating the stopcock and closing it. It will look like a small valve or tap and is found along your main water supply, often underneath the kitchen sink. Once this is closed the water will soon stop pouring from the source of the leak. If you wish to expedite the process, you may open the taps in your bathroom and kitchen, which will draw more water from the system.

Assess the Damage

Now that you have prevented more water from escaping, you are able to understand and appropriately deal with the damage caused. If the leak is severe, you may want to utilise towels or makeshift barriers to control the flow of water, preventing it from reaching other rooms. It is important to remove any items that may be damaged or cause further issue. If you have furniture or electricals be sure to clear them from the area. This will also give you better space, assisting in clearing the water. Although it may not be at the forefront of your mind, for the sake of your insurance and the recuperation of damaged items, be sure to collect affected items so that they may be assessed. As a further detail, be sure to take photographs where possible. This will help with your home insurance claim.

Find a Plumbing Technician

Since poor pipe repair and low-quality fixes are a common cause of burst pipes within the home, it is important to seek professional repair from a plumber. This will avoid the issue occurring again. Finding a trusted plumber can now be done quickly and easily online with websites such as http://ecosafe.co/. With professional assistance, you will be able to have your home’s hot water up and running as soon as possible.

Preventative Measures

If you are not already familiar with your boiler or home plumbing system, a burst pipe is likely to encourage your learning. There are a few techniques that may be employed outside of basic upkeep that may help you avoid the situation again. Most of the time, however, a burst pipe will occur during the colder seasons. This is due to the low temperature freezing the pipes and causing the pressure to build. Avoiding turning your heating on to save money may end up costing you more. As such, one of the best preventative measures you can take is to keep a regular flow of hot water running through your pipes.

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