What You Need for a Complete Surround System

Get the Right Sound with a Complete System!

Whether you’re a travelling musician or simply an audio aficionado, it’s necessary to have a full sound system to hear the music as it’s meant to be. A sound system is important for playing tunes, watching movies, and more. Even if you’re not in the audio/video industry, you can put together an impressive sound system with a little help. Here are five of our favorite tips on crafting an audio playground.

Five Important Steps When Installing a Sound System

1. Make Sure It’s Sturdy

You’ll want to find the right placement for your sound system. Look to a hardwood setting with enough room for your television, audio mixers, and speakers if you’re installing a sound system at home. Speaker mounts are necessary to keep the speakers from falling and breaking, no matter how loud your audio may get.

2. Find the Right Mixers for You

Amateurs and professionals alike can benefit from a fun mixing board. Mixing boards are available in two styles: analog and digital. Analog mixers are suitable for recording studios and allow you to manually adjust the sound on many different channels. Digital systems may display the exact instrument whose sound you’re looking to control, and some digital mixers can be adjusted through your smart phone.

3. Determine What Speakers You Need

There are two different types of speakers: active and passive. Active speakers can be easier to use as they are equipped with built-in amplifiers and don’t require much in the way of additional equipment. Passive speakers may require additional amplifiers but give you more control in the way of sound.

4. Don’t Forget the Importance of Microphones

Microphones aren’t just for vocalists. Live musicians require mics for every instrument, such as drums and guitars. If music and audio is simply your hobby, look to beginner microphones that can be powered with a simple switch. Professional musicians should research and test out more rugged mics for the right sound and durability.

5. Consider the Quality of Your Monitors and Displays

With a home sound system, you may want a monitor to display your favorite movies and TV shows. Light displays along with monitors also make a live concert more appealing for the audience. It’s important to consider the space and use of your sound system before finding the particular equipment right for you.

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